October 6, 2012

Wikis in the Classroom

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This week was the first time that I ever worked on creating a wiki. Up until this point, the only “wiki term” that I recognized was the online resource, Wikipedia. The process of actually participating in a group wiki was a little intimidating to me at first. However, once I created my own wiki spaces account and logged into the group workspace, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of how the wiki works. What’s really great is the ease of posting new information. I  love the fact that there is a trail for revisions. I am a constant reviser! I had a very knowledgable English teacher in high school who stressed the importance of reading and rereading what you write. More than likely, you’ll have changes to make!

I wasn’t sure how the online collaboration would work on the wiki, but I was pleased to find the discussion button easily located at the top of my group workspace. The only confusing part for me was that you can leave a message in your group’s general workspace or once you click on a specific project link. I originally left a message in the general workspace, until I realized another one of my group members had left a message in the section under the specific project link that we were supposed to use. 🙂 This was really a minor confusion for me though, and from that point on, my group and I were able to contact each other quite easily.

I have to say that it was really nice to share a worksite with others. We worked collaboratively, suggesting areas that we could help with, and overall, everything went smoothly. Here’s what I learned that encourages me to continue building wikis:

-I loved sharing and building an information site with others because we were able to bring the “best” of the resources we had to the table. You know the saying, “two heads are better than one.”

-If I missed anything, it was nice to have a supportive group to back me up and add to or check my work for errors.

-Working with a group online is a bonus!  There are no meeting times to worry about. You can log in and access your wiki when it is convenient for you.



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