November 2, 2012

Web Applications for the Student

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This week, I started looking at web applications that are available for the student. One I’d like to talk about today is called Zoho Notebook. I’m sure many of you are already familiar with this app since it has been around for awhile, but since it is new to me, I’d like to explain why I find it so promising. First, since Zoho is a web based app, there are no restrictions as to who can log into it based on operating systems. So if I’m working on my Mac at home and need to finish a page in my notebook later on my PC at work; I can do that-easily.

Zoho Notebook markets itself by saying “Create, Aggregate, Collaborate.” Basically, Zoho Notebook allows you to create and store various types of media (audio, text, photo, video, etc.). It also allows you to take that media and use it in a project. You can take info from various applications and put them into your Zoho Notebook. Another neat feature is that you can use read/write features to share any amount of content that you need to. If you want to share a whole page great, but if you just need to share a video file with someone or a photo, you can just do that too.

Although the above features are great, I can’t help but think of how this app could help many students-especially those in upper grades or at the collegiate level. Since technology has made it easy to store audio files, a student who doesn’t want to miss any important aspects of a class discussion or lecture can now record the material and upload it to Zoho Notebook. Say that, for example, a student is taking an anatomy course. On Zoho Notebook, they can create a page just for the course and add any relevant information that they need. If they are studying a unit on the muscles of the upper arm, they can add any recorded lecture from class, any photos of important muscles to remember (even with added arrows pointing to each muscle!), and key texts points that they need to remember. This is exciting for me and really useful for the kinesthetic learner. When I was in graduate school, I know I would have really appreciated an app like this. Hopefully, many of you can benefit from this neat app as well!


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